Gemma Rake

Program Director, Asia

Gemma is dedicated to helping woman attain their desired balance of professional and personal achievement. Like so many women, Gemma’s career path has been far from linear. After attending The University of Johannesburg in her native South Africa, she embarked on an overseas assignment in the U.K. where she gained international business experience as an executive assistant for senior level leaders at Bank of New York Mellon and Goldman Sachs. 

The opportunity to work with a leading executive search firm led her to relocate to Hong Kong where she became a research associate, moved into the role of office manager and was eventually offered the position of Chief Operations Officer. As COO she was tasked with setting up a new office in Singapore where she continued her role for another two years. Her focus then shifted to family life and took time off to raise the first of three children.

Returning to the corporate world after several years on hiatus was an eye-opener that influenced Gemma’s decision to join Protégé. She understands the challenges that women experience at each stage of their career, whether it’s starting out and building a professional network, making a career change, or re-entering the workforce after raising children.

In addition to her career and family, one of her passions is aviation and holds a solo pilot’s license. 

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