The Protégé Magic

A little magic can take you a long way.

At Protégé, we believe in using head, heart and passion to engage, excite and explore. We take dreams seriously. And not just career dreams. We encourage participants to dig deep, exploring possibilities and turning them into strategies for happiness and fulfillment across all areas of their lives.



The backbone to Protégé’s success is that our programs are comprehensive, formally-structured and based on mentoring ‘best-practices’. Our basic programs include:

1. Information Sessions

Attend before the program begins, so there are no surprises.

2. Application Questionnaire

To ensure you are a good fit for the program.

3. Matching

A robust process to assist in finding the best possible match for everyone.

4. Launch

An introduction to trust-based mentoring relationships.

5. Mentor – Mentee Skills

Workshops that support progress and success.

6. Mid-point Review

To ensure goals are on track.

7. Networking Skills

8. Closing

A celebration of the mentoring journey.

9. Surveys & Mentor Supervision

Regular surveys to provide ongoing feedback plus mentor supervision by qualified supervisors.



We’re working hard to be the gold standard in program management and administration.

the Protégé


Our highly functional, yet easy-to-use ‘plug-and-play’ software and App automates almost all aspects of our programs, including workshop logistics, matching, calendar, RSVPs and participant communication. We estimate our software and App reduces administration time for our clients by more than 80% and, more importantly, it can be branded with your organisation’s logo and unique program name. The Protégé App provides registered participants with everything they need for their mentoring journey, at their fingertips. It allows mentors and mentees access to program materials, calendar and reminders, surveys, goals and a secure chat function direct to their matched mentor/mentee.

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