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Protégé is passionate about the ability of one-to-one relationships to create and drive change. We believe mentoring is a powerful way for you to find your purpose and make choices about who you want to become. We match you with the best possible person to help you make that happen. Mentoring allows businesses to take the development of their people to a new level. Our programs inspire mentors and mentees to reflect on work, self and career in a way that would never be possible in either a traditional classroom or office setting.


This well-established, cross-industry program focuses on more than just mentoring. Training mentors and mentees to fully embrace their roles and journey is core to our goals, as is creating diverse and supportive networks and communities. The program brings the country’s top executives to mentor and learn alongside high-performing women professionals. We engage with organisations that support the development, advancement and retention of women in the workplace. If you’re looking to strengthen your pipeline of talented women, as well as further develop the mentoring skills of your senior leaders, join us for this unique and formally-structured annual program.

Join our MentoringWomen programs in Australia, Singapore or UK as a mentee, a mentor, or as a partner. Information about our newly launched programs can be found under Programs 2023.


As mentoring grows from its organic roots to more formally-structured applications, it is evolving as a distinct business tool–a full-time component of the workplace environment and a vital part of corporate culture. In-house mentoring programs are an excellent channel to instill egalitarian workplace values, transfer knowledge, break-down silos and create a connected workforce.
In-house programs offer positive returns to both employees and businesses, and can be tailored to each organisation’s wider goals, including diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Transform your leadership and accelerate growth with BusinessMentoring.


Protégé’s bespoke workshops set your organisation up for mentoring success by offering skills-based workshops that improve the effectiveness and quality of your internal mentoring programs. We build on the leadership capacity of both mentors and mentees, provide clarity around their roles, expectations and outcomes and give them the tools and support to embrace a successful mentoring journey. Training and supporting mentors increases their chances of success exponentially, whilst training mentees and using a robust matching process, sets the bar even higher. Topics related to success in the workplace, such as Secrets of Career Success, Finding Your Voice, Authenticity Isn’t an Option, Awesome Women at Work, can be designed to either support an in-house mentoring program or offered as stand-alone modules.

Increase your success exponentially with our bespoke mentoring workshops.

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Join one of our 2023 MentoringWomen programs as a mentor or mentee , launch an in-house BusinessMentoring program, or just get access to some great bespoke workshops, tools, and frameworks to drive mentoring success.

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