Mentoring is at the core of the Protégé team’s DNA. We believe in the power to positively change individuals and organisations, a belief that has inspired us to create a purposeful mentoring experience which goes beyond a typical one-to-one approach. We specialize in curating a diverse community of mentors and mentees across businesses and industries, fostering trust and support to break down internal silos, and challenge traditional ways of thinking and doing. Each mentee has the chance to work with their mentor on the unique results they seek, while benefitting from the support network of a graduating cohort. Our mentors also have the opportunity to further their own growth through valuable cross-industry connections with other leaders, sharing mentoring challenges and successes. From expanding career horizons, to developing skills to gaining vital job-related knowledge, Protégé enables individuals to confront cultural, societal and corporate norms, to find what truly inspires them and to move into the learning zone with the ultimate goal of creating positive impact.

“Surround yourself with the dreamers & the doers, the believers & the thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see the greatness in you, even when you don’t see it yourself.”

– Edmund Lee



Each member of the Protégé team has been hand-picked because of their long history of developing others through facilitating training, coaching, mentoring and paying-it-forward to the communities they live in. They have all been intentional in the choices they’ve made to live a meaningful and fruitful life, based on purpose and passion. They are generous with their feedback, their knowledge and their time. And above all they inspire others to find their own version of happiness and live their best possible life.



At Protégé, we aim to inculcate the following:

To Disrupt

Interrupting and challenging with non-conventional thinking and ideas.

To be Authentic

Being true to self, genuine, open and vulnerable.
Be yourself; everyone else is taken.

To be Fearless

Having the courage to take risks – to embark on unusual, exciting and daring experiences.

To Empower

Becoming stronger and more confident, taking control of your own life and career.

To Trust

Fully believing you have the confidence to learn, change and challenge yourself.

To have Fun

Enjoying and embracing laughter to find pleasure and enjoyment in all you do.



Want to Know More?

What We Do

Protégé is passionate about the ability of one-to-one relationships to create and drive change. We believe mentoring is a powerful way for you to find your purpose and make choices about who you want to become. We match you with the best possible person to help you make that happen.

Our Method

Our ‘best-in-class’ approach to structuring long-term mentoring programs yields success for all who participate.  Mentors and mentees undergo a robust matching process, are trained and fully supported throughout the mentoring journey.

Our Impact

Long after our programs have ended, mentors and mentees continue to learn, grow and impact change. Organisations retain their top talent, develop their leaders, break down silos and create supportive communities. Find out more about The Protégé magic.



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