Lindsay Courtney

Program Director, Asia Pacific

Lindsay has worked with a diverse range of non-profit, cultural and philanthropic organisations over the past 15 years, carving out a niche in guiding non-profits and purpose-driven businesses towards growth and community building.

Lindsay is from Ireland and spent her formative years in Singapore and Malaysia. She started her career with the Irish Nonprofits Knowledge Exchange (INKEx) in Ireland, then joined the Clermont Group as manager of strategy and communications when she moved to Singapore in 2011. In 2012 she shifted to Art Outreach as executive director, with responsibility for strategy and fund-raising, then left to join the Singapore Art Museum in 2019 as senior manager for the Singapore Biennale. More recently, she has served as marketing and strategy consultant to a variety of organisations.

Her mentoring during Protégé Singapore’s inaugural program in 2015 profoundly influenced her carer trajectory, sharpening her professional skills and intensifying her dedication to social initiatives.

She graduated with an honours degree in history from Trinity College, Dublin and a Masters in Cultural Policy from the National University of Ireland.

She joined Protégé to leverage her extensive experience to help people grow and flourish on a personal level and make a bigger impact within organisations.

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